Wednesday Jan 18, 2012

Jumping to Conclusions

wassily, the blue rider
Wassily, The Blue Rider

Yes, the title of this post is a cliche, and such banalities are on my verboten list. But, it is okay to use a cliche if you do so on purpose and not out of mindlessness.

Whenever some situation arises and it seems that the ‘fault’ lies with some other party or entity—stop from having an immediate opinion. Let things settle before mouthing off. Once said, it cannot be unsaid.

In the end, you may discover that the issue was pilot error, your lapse for whatever the reason. And then, you will be proud of yourself for having had the self-discipline and awareness to see things as they are, not as you thought they were.

This principle also connects with art. Don’t prejudge. Let your art develop by getting out of the way. If the art isn’t happening, then it is your own interference and frustration at work. You need not be better than any other artist; you need only be your unique self.

An artist told me that she loves to capture things in her art. In my work, I am dedicated to unleashing that which wants to be born. 

Fortunately for me, I read this post the other day. It saved me from making a fool of myself and alienating a long time friend.

Also, I listened to your webinar. It was awesome. You brought up topics that I had been afraid to look at.


Posted by Soho Art Chick on 01/26 at 02:02 PM from Soho not Noho.

now i am really looking forward to your part of the smARTist summit. i was preparing for today’s panel by studying the speakers, and so came here. i love your painting and recently created a piece honoring Kandinsky, and i approach art making in a very similar manner as you say, “I am dedicated to unleashing that which wants to be born”. it relieves my soul to find this connection. i live far from anything cultural in physical reality.

Posted by Kathleen O'Brien on 01/27 at 11:12 AM from Kentucky.


Thank you for your kind words and feeling of connection.

I looked at your lovely and free paintings. I encourage all to click on your name above to visit your website.

I also have a connection to birds, which often show up in my work. For remarkable bird tales on my blog, type in ‘Sweetie Boy’ and also ‘Aldo’ in the search field in the lower right sidebar.

Posted by Eden on 01/27 at 03:38 PM.

Eden: at a deep Soul level your words just a few moments ago, (on smARTist) “if you accept your mission as an artist, you have found your Dharma” (did i hear that right?) warm tears filled my heart with a knowing of peace and expansion. This for me was the most wonderful completion to this week. Part of what you have helped me to UNDERSTAND is after various other end games i have been through, to know without doubt that the light is always there (here).
In this beautiful moment, I thank you

Posted by Kathleen O'Brien on 02/03 at 01:39 PM from Kentucky.

wow, more tears reading the forget me not piece. tomorrow is my father’s birthday and death-day, always one of the most important days for me to honor. his spirit watches over me now as then. warning me of lightning strikes, and many other examples. i want to read your other bird posts when i do not feel as full as i do right now.  the forget me not has a prominent place in my art.

Posted by Kathleen O'Brien on 02/03 at 01:51 PM from Kentucky.

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