Monday Dec 16, 2002

It’s How You Look At It

“I was returning, immersed in thought, from my sketching, when on opening the studio door, I was suddenly confronted by a picture of indescribable and incandescent loveliness. Bewildered, I stopped, staring at it. The painting lacked all subject, depicted no identifiable object, and was entirely composed of bright color-patches. Finally, I approached closer and only then recognized it for what it really was—my own painting, standing on its side on the easel.”

—Wassily Kandinsky

The painting in question was, as I recall, of haystacks, not the detail of the painting shown above. I cropped this section from Kandinsky’s art painted on glass from an insightful book by Annegret Hoberg called Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Münter that chronicles their ill-starred love affair. Prestel Publishing


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