Wednesday Dec 17, 2003

Instinct and Intuition

The distinction between instinct and intuition often gets blurred by indiscriminate usage. They are not synonyms.


Instinct is biological and of the body. Instinct is metabolic and immediate. These sensations can be measured. You know when you’re thirsty, hungry, threatened, cold, smell bread baking, or feel the heat of sexual arousal. You don’t need a committee to vote on what your basic instincts are directly telling you.


Both visceral and metaphysical, intuition is the subtle voice of the soul. You can’t weigh or measure intuition with a piece of equipment because it is transcendental. Intuition is necessary for accessing your spirit. Without honoring the spirit, quality of life is tepid, a walk-on bit part in lieu of a memorable leading role.

Art requires instinct; great art demands intuition.»

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