Sunday Nov 10, 2002

In Search of the Next Big Thing

Fads have nothing to do with art that comes from the soul; art from the soul endures because it is alive. Not all such artists are known, nor are all remembered. They create and leave the rest to posterity.

The true artist knows that living takes place in the present moment, and that the present moment is the mind of God, the Creator.

What then is important for the modern creator? Acceptance and selling his work is certainly an issue. The true artist doesn’t create because of sales or to become famous; he creates because that is why he is here. To create art is his dharma. He, she, you know who you are.

The true artist, a creator, does not need to search for the next big thing; this is the cliche of Hollywood, which does its best to supress the auteur in favor of market research and focus groups.

The true artist is already doing the next big thing; and it happens organically without planning, coneptualizing, or thinking. A flower doesn’t plan on growing. It evolves naturally.

To excel and derive fulfillment from one’s inner self is the key to daily success.

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