Wednesday Jun 25, 2008

In Loving Memory

Adele Richter: 1926-2008

Today, my mother passed on from this life after nearly two grueling years of fighting cancer. She fought bravely, endured the agony of the disease as well as debilitating side effects of the treatments. In the end, nature took its inevitable course—and now, no more pain for dear Adele.

Everyone has a mother, yet not all mothers are created equal. Overcoming many hardships and suffering in her life, she persevered as a loving, generous person who possessed ample compassion for the whole world. She inspired her children and all whom she met with a positive outlook—you can accomplish your heart’s desire. Adele was a poet in her soul, which is the source of my ever-evolving intuition. She was a wise spirit, feisty, and young at heart. You can read some of her poetry on this site; see the main dropdown menu in the upper left.

To see a truth, a lesson one can use in the most dire of experiences demands self-discipline. My mother’s mortal demise from this world challenges my philosophy, my own purpose for being, my dharma. Do my words, my art, my character, my experience with faith borne of proof hold up to this unflinching mirror of death? Am I living an authentic life?

These are, after all, the tests.

Eden…I am starting with this post. This is a brave and lovely tribute to a well-loved mother. She mothered you up to the end as you mothered her in your caring.

Yes, the tests. She will enjoy tutoring you through these.

Janet Riehl

Posted by Janet Riehl on 07/02 at 01:34 PM from St. Louis.

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