Saturday Sep 18, 2010

Going My Way

Sign Near New Mexico State Prison

Here’s a post that punctuates my point in the previous entry.

This road sign is on the Turquoise Highway near a large state prison facility in New Mexico.

We can deduce this sign was put up after a hapless driver couldn’t conclude the “obvious” and picked up an escaped inmate. So, it seems the good sense of not picking up a hitchhiker near the prison was far from obvious—which is a cousin to assume, a word that can get you into plenty of trouble.

For an artist, the misguided concept of “obvious” is tantamount to work that lacks originality, invention, and vision.

Hi Eden:

I did get a kick out of this sign. I tend to be a little crazy, but that would really be living on the edge! One of my friends always reminds me that “no good deed goes unpunished” I think I would look elsewhere to do a good deed.

Just wanted to bring you up to date.
Mom is moving in with me by mid October.
However, she is bringing the lovely wall unit that was in Adele’s apartment, as she bought it from Gary last year.

It is a great piece to store some of my art work and a lovely reminder of you and Adele.

I am very happy that she is moving in with me and I am hoping that we can take a trip to Tuscany next Spring. She is my best travel partner because she enjoys everything. I remember that you wrote that once about a concert that you and Adele went to out in California. She just enjoyed it because she was with you.

I see you have a new friend Aldo, and I will make a point of entertaining her with those stories, as she just lost her sister Helen and she could use some cheering up.

Hope all is well with you
Stay well

Posted by Susan Lettieri on 09/20 at 09:01 AM from New Jersey.

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