Tuesday Feb 08, 2011

For Whose Sake Redux

Gulag Dreams

Art for art’s sake should not be misunderstood.

It is first art for the artist’s sake to fulfill a dharma in transit; and then it is art on its own for the sole purpose of being.

To be without the trappings of scheming and questionable motive is freedom—for you, me, and the art yet to be born.

I love your blog. 

Eden, tt deserves more, lots more readers and comments.  Build it, and they will come! 

But, I also know you do not need that sort of validation to create but A. it cannot hurt, and B. just to let you know that I see and feel. 

I feel you.

Best, dk

Posted by David Korn on 02/13 at 07:50 PM from Dharma City, Essex County New Jersey, near Eden Sp.


Your feelings and thoughts are deeply appreciated.

Your comment is worth many thousands who partake, but don’t engage.

Posted by Eden on 02/13 at 10:28 PM.


Keep on reminding us where the art comes from in the first place. It’s good to get the art out. And, it’s good to let the art flow in.


Posted by Janet Riehl on 02/19 at 10:01 AM.

Your artful soul is reflected in your blog. Beautiful and a breath of fresh air, the artist is me honors the artist in you.

Posted by Selena Wolff on 02/19 at 09:06 PM from Ohio.

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