Tuesday May 06, 2008

Excuse Me


What are they? Why do you use them? Are you an excuse abuser? Can you hear how you diminish your own self with the self-justifications that limit you—as a creator and a human being?

Remember, the true artist will always find a way. This is the mantra you need to indelibly etch into your consciousness for the next time you begin to utter that excuse in whatever form.

Excuses are what they sound like, so said the master.


All I have to do is try and put my excuses in writing, and then they sound as silly as they actually are, so I erase them and get back to work.

Posted by Marta on 05/06 at 11:34 PM from texas.

Yes. All the excuses in the world never created a single work of art.

Posted by Eden on 05/07 at 03:43 PM.

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