Tuesday Jun 23, 2009

Eden’s Slideshow—YouTube

As I’m figuring out the tweaks on YouTube for private showings (you would need to have a YouTube account to view private videos), here it is. Let me know your thoughts via the comments.

The video should play smoothly with a good broadband connection.




The slideshow of your art is marvelous. Backed by the haunting and mournful flute music and sounds of nature from the ocean and birds…this is the perfect accompaniment. The sound track leads us more deeply into your dreamscapes of a surrealist world that links from this world into an unknown transcendent space.

It was fun here to see many of my favorite images and see new ones. I like what you’re doing with the pallet knife; the stick figures are a hoot in some…and the space ship just hovering to carry us away.

Janet Riehl

Posted by janet riehl on 06/24 at 06:11 AM from St. Louis, MO.

I thank Janet for her keen observations and enthusiasm. It takes time to look and absorb the present moment.

Posted by Eden on 06/24 at 10:24 AM.

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