Friday Oct 15, 2010


Gene Therapy

Today, I called someone I had never spoken with on the phone. She didn’t have a common name. Let’s call her Prudence.

The person on the other end says: Hi, it’s Prudence. How can I help you?

It becomes immediately clear that she doesn’t know what I’m talking about, and this is not the Prudence I had called. So, what are the odds here? Does it matter? What is the significance of this name caught in a matrix. Many would call it coincidence. But that’s not very satisfying or aware.

Coincidence means that we are not yet aware enough to see the whole picture—and how one thing may affect another. Meaningful coincidence is a better description of seemingly random events we cannot yet decipher. Meaningful coincidence also reminds us that there is a mystery still waiting to be solved, as Jung might have put it.

Meaningful coincidence is also at the heart of fine art. You may “think” you’re going one way, only to realize you’re off in a new unplanned, unexplored vista.

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