Thursday Aug 16, 2012

Dating an Artist

medicine woman
Medicine Woman

One the radio the other day, an evolutionary biologist was talking about the quirks and oddities of our species development.

He then mentioned that for some reason, art, an activity without any practical necessity exists in all cultures throughout time: music, painting, dance, and so on.

So, why art, he asked rhetorically. He surmised art existed because it demonstrated to others that the artist had special powers, increased intelligence, time to make art, and a better chance that any children of the artist would survive in mother nature’s violent experiment of the fittest.

While the biologist’s assessment might be true, the true artist was not creating for those reactions, which could be by-products of a grander vision. The artist was creating to connect with a power he could feel, if not see.

Art is practical.

Otherwise, life would merely be a frenetic jungle to reproduce without raising awareness, which is the conduit to consciousness—another gift that art has to offer.


Practical magic!

Posted by Soho Art Chick on 08/25 at 06:28 PM from Soho not Noho.

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