Monday Aug 04, 2008

Cup Runneth Over

Recently, someone confided in me that they didn’t know whether they were an artist, or not.

Apparently, this question plagues many who would aspire to a life worth living as a creator. Here is a brief excerpt from my book, An Artist Empowered:

A thought inside your head: Am I an artist?

If you have to ask someone, then projecting insecurity shouts: I dont know. And if you don’t know, you haven’t found your dharma. Somewhere along your quest you have faltered; you didn’t follow through, which is the undoing of many would-be artists. Its not that opportunity to confirm your gift and purpose didn’t surface; you chose to dismiss it, most likely out of fear and doubt.

I make this assessment based on my experience over many years with a master painter. I had witnessed flocks of so-called artists flit into his studio on the pretense of wanting to learn more about art.

But their egos stood in the way. Their rigidity prevented them from appreciating the wonder in front of them, from elevating their standard. Somehow, these thirsty travelers for culture had stumbled into the wellspring of art and couldn’t drink from those divine waters—not because they had no cup, but because they were unwilling to cup their hands.

Placing your future upon the value scale of others does not an artist make. Don’t shortchange your own self. Dig deep; answer the core questions posed in this book, and you will thank yourself later.

If you are in need of chronic reassurance and ego stroking to keep you going, then you are merely ‘acting’ as if you were on a mission. You are being disingenuous with yourself.

Wonderful. You don’t take prisoners.

Posted by Jon on 08/08 at 06:21 PM.

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