Wednesday May 28, 2008

Creative Constipation

I know that many writers and artists are plagued with creative blocks.

It may be helpful to grasp that getting stuck is mostly likely the result of trying to fit your work into a template, a popular idiom that has already been trampled over by hordes of others.

Another factor in writing fiction, for example, is that you have to see it, observe it with a keen eye, before you can describe it; this means sufficient detail, not a meaningless overabundance of facts. Be patient. Care about all your characters; let the descriptive layers of meaning filter down through your psyche until the picture is clear—then capture it on paper or onscreen.

Blocks are also the result of too much thinking. When the mind is quiet, when thoughts are corralled and momentarily tamed, there is no confusion, no mental blocks.

Note also that there is no such malady as a creator block since original work is not strictly bound by convention; this knowledge has great liberating power.

I agree. My poems are pretty good, but when they flow from that special place, they are great.

Posted by poetdiva13 on 05/30 at 01:16 PM.

I too have been writing a novel, but how do you write without thinking? I’m stuck on this! I’m open to understanding.

Posted by soho art chick on 06/01 at 10:21 AM from Near soho and noho.

I can’t write when the annoyances and frustrations of my day get in the way.  When I can quiet those noises, the story is there waiting.

Posted by Marta on 06/01 at 06:01 PM from my living room floor.

If Picasso had saddled himself with thinking about and painstakingly planning each one of his canvases, he might have become yet another painter of religious scenes, which his father had envisioned for him, and not the prolific innovator that we know today.

Let’s use this example for writing. Feel your characters; don’t impose your will by over thinking each situation. Your characters will tell you what they want to do. This demands a fine balance, which one can develop over time.

I trust this helps.

Posted by Eden on 06/02 at 09:38 AM.

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