Friday Dec 14, 2007

Consciousness Conundrum

Today, on the radio, I heard two famous scientists discussing consciousness in clinical terms, and brain research, which was in many ways fascinating.

One, a nobel laureate, said: “Awareness is a form of consciousness.”

While this assessment might sound correct, I would disagree. Awareness is a form of art. You can raise your awareness, but not consciousness. You can’t have a form of consciousness; it is already whole and not open to divisions or categories.

What did you learn today?

How do you know the scientist was wrong?

And what’s the difference. I don’t think about such things when I paint.

Posted by jon on 12/15 at 12:25 PM.

Awareness is a form of insight, not consciousness. This is a good question, and I encourage you to intuitively investigate these matters further.

Seeing beyond illusion is awareness and art.

Posted by Eden on 12/15 at 10:34 PM.

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