Saturday Apr 12, 2003

Confidence, Man

Most of us have heard or read about a “con man” who defrauded some individual.  Usually, the “victim” is portrayed as an innocent. Through some manipulations the con man gains the confidence of the person about to get scammed, which usually means that the “mark” and his money will soon part company.

Look closer.

The root of the con man’s persuasive power lies deep within the greed of the “mark.” This does not excuse the con man’s criminal behavior. It is essential that we perceive the whole picture. It does take two—the swindler and the person who has been swindled.

Please don’t associate confidence with the unsavory of the world.

Confidence is a powerful and positive attribute best used to serve you in making your dreams come true where everyone gets to share in the goodies—whatever they might me.

You become self-confident in degrees by right action, and the organic way is this—listen to your intuition and take a chance in a world where fortune favors the brave.»

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