Saturday Nov 29, 2008

Commander in Chief

The true artist leads the way because he is the risk taker who casts the light onto the darkness. There is a price to pay for leadership. When the battle is about to begin, any weakness in their field general is the last thing the enlisted men need to see.

To command, you rise above your thoughts and feelings of self-doubt and fear. With your strength to persevere you inspire others to have the courage to engage and rout the enemy—the negative invader—in whatever form they may assume, including the rejection of your work.

Your spirit in the face of adversity doesnt imply immunity to misgivings, anxiety, or even dread. Courage means that you are, in daily practice, stronger than most—that is why you are the commander of your art.

Without sacrifice, there can be no mission of value. Without earning it, the prize is meaningless. Dharma demands that you, the artist, won’t quit—no matter what. It is up to you and me.

Excuses are what they sound like.

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