Saturday Sep 26, 2009

Casting Couch

Artists who have websites often find messages in their email inboxes from various art-related scams.

Today, I received an email from what happens to be a ‘legitimate’ company. They were running another contest (there was a fee for each artwork submitted) that would be judged by art experts. Winners would take home some cash and potential cachet.

Let me add that requiring fees is a highly questionable practice; there are no fees for trying out in the major leagues. Also, there is no such entity as an art expert, except perhaps when it comes to provenance, technique, or art history—which are functions of memory, not necessarily comprehension. If you don’t know the sensibilities and values of the judges, then their opinions are entirely arbitrary, as far as you are concerned.

Of course, it cannot be denied, that careers have been launched with awards. Be aware and diligent.

I leave you to your own devices.

I have to say that I love your blog entry titles, which are often humorous, as much as the content, which is often both brilliant and sobering.


Posted by soho art chick on 09/29 at 12:02 PM from soho not noho.

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