Wednesday Aug 31, 2005

Breaking the Shackles

Albert Einstein did for physics what Pablo Picasso did for the evolution and promotion of modern art.

Of course, their genius was to integrate what had been done before into an original way of seeing, seriously challenging the perception and reality of their time. Keep in mind, however, that they did not do it alone. Einstein’s route to his breakthroughs in physics is more clearly delineated as his work is based on a well-documented history of previous mathematical discoveries; once a mathematical problem is solved, it is solved for everyone—art follows a similar pattern.

Picasso’s route to invention, while it had its share of self-evident influences, leaves much out, as there were contributions of other great painters of his day, plus nameless antecedent creators and those who did not made it big in the art history books.

Posterity chooses its messengers. 

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