Friday Apr 13, 2012

Bodhisattva, I Presume

the bodhisattva journey
The Bodhisattva Journey

In Buddhism:

A bodhisattva is, generally speaking, an enlightened being who returns to this world out of compassion to serve his fellow beings. If you had elevated yourself from this carnal-based existence, would you return in an act of altruism? Don’t answer too quickly.

Whether you are a Buddhist or not is the not issue. The concept of the bodhisattva is an object lesson in awareness, which is the umbrella understanding that reaches and affects all concepts, such as the quality of life.

The beauty of the bodhisattva is that you can be that being now through right action, which also fuels the magic of art from the soul via intuition.

You need no one’s permission to be of good character.

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