Thursday Dec 18, 2003

Best Selling Art

I received yet another email junk solicitation to buy art from a wholesale type operation. A sidebar on their website lists all the bestsellers, beginning with Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Stone Pine by Claue Monet, and so on.

Why bother? A reproduction of an original masterpiece is like faking an orgasm.

Here is some of their ad copy worth noting.

Giclee reproductions of museum masterpieces reproduced on canvas or fine art paper

Choose among 4,419 canvas art reproductions. 34 popular art reproductions are also available in 11 x 14 inch fine art paper. Fine art reproductions are only available in 11 x 14 inches. These reproductions on fine art paper are only $19.95. Sizes for canvas art reproductions are listed. Each canvas is only $244.95.

Eden’s advice to buyers: Acquire original art within your means from living artists.

You will be a patron to life and have the full spirit of the artist with you in the original work.»

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