Monday Jan 14, 2008

Below the Fold

Things are, as poets and physicists remind us, not as they appear to be.

When things don’t seem to be going your way, you may get entangled in the maya and lose sight of awareness, which is the arbiter of meaning and value.

When you sense yourself drifting from seeing things as they are, this is an opportunity—as both a test of character and how well your philosophy holds up when confronting the density of the world.

I think I spend most of my time feeling that things are not going my way.

What exactly do you mean by maya and density?

Thanks again for your thoughts.

Posted by Jon on 01/18 at 11:55 AM.

Maya is illusion, which is in a sense the density that prevents us from seeing things as they are—although this might sound simple to overcome, it takes self-discipline—as the Buddha taught.

This is easy to understand yet difficult to believe.

Posted by Eden on 01/21 at 11:07 AM.

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