Friday Oct 28, 2005

Before the Word

From the dim twilight of human evolution, there was art before there was the spoken word of language.

Human “modern” culture is more than 40,000 years old; our ancestor not only survived, they made art—necklaces and carvings that transcended the utilitarian.

Remember, cave painters during Paleolithic times of 30,000 years ago did not go to art school to produce their masterpieces.

Using words to describe art is conceptual and antithetical to feeling, its nature. Writing about art has its place as historical interest. How would you describe awe?

No matter how beautifully or poignantly expressed, can words truly describe the feeling of love? It can only be described tangentially and metaphorically via simile.

No matter how well I express the deepening orange hues and modulations of a setting sun to a blind man, he still can’t see it—but he might feel something from the passion of my expression.» 

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