Saturday Nov 10, 2007

At the Movies

Why are movies so popular as a medium?

In addition to being entertained on some level, the viewer gets to stop thinking and start feeling for about 120 minutes; you could call the experience a form of mass hypnosis.

And when a film rises to the level of art, then we have a meditation—which, contrary to the popular notion, is about total participation in the present moment, not relaxation. 

We are primarily visual and auditory creatures; watching and listening are easier than reading, which is a fact not a comparison.

I was reading this entry to my friend; she asked me what makes one film art, and another not?


Posted by evanese rose on 11/12 at 06:12 PM.

Meditation is often considered to be prolonged mental introspection or contemplation which the practitioner may or may not consider to be spiritual or mystical in intent. Many practices, beliefs, and traditions (including philosophical and religious) utilize the term, and a range of subjective interpretations also attach to it. It is widely thought to be of Eastern origin.

Posted by Mindfulness meditation on 09/24 at 09:06 PM from Australia.

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