Friday Nov 23, 2007

Art Talk

The art I am talking about is art that comes into being for no other reason than to be—art from the soul, art from the inner artist, which must be felt to be created, to be seen, and to be appreciated.

Art from the soul comes into being from intuition; such art by definition is transcendental to thought and doesn’t come from thinking or conceptualizing, which are cerebral pursuits. The art that concerns us here isn’t a qualifier (art therapy) nor is it the object of a modifier (commercial art).

Art from the soul is art without motive. This is what is meant by that familiar and much misunderstood proclamation: art for art’s sake.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

You mean that if someone makes art for a motive, then it’s not art?

Posted by Soho Art Chick on 11/24 at 09:58 PM.

It is a different form of art, what I would call advertising; this is a distinction, not a comparison.

When you know one from another, you know where you stand, and that is on sacred ground.

Posted by Eden on 11/25 at 02:13 PM.

Let me also add this: there is nothing wrong with creating art with a motive in mind.

Picasso, too, when he was young man in Paris painted with patrons in mind. Fortunately, he didn’t make a habit of it.

Posted by Eden on 11/29 at 10:24 PM.

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