Saturday Nov 20, 2010

Art Scene Investigation

Dancer Rouge

From An Artist Empowered:

In Frank G. Goble’s 1970 book, The Third Force: The Psychology of Abraham Maslow, we read: “The esteem needs: All people in our society (with a few pathological exceptions) have a need or desire for a stable, firmly based, (usually) high evaluation of themselves, for self-respect, or self-esteem, and for the esteem of others.

“By firmly based self-esteem, we mean that which is soundly based upon real capacity, achievement and respect from others. These needs may be classified into two subsidiary sets. These are, first, the desire for strength, for achievement, for adequacy, for confidence in the face of the world, and for independence and freedom.

“Secondly, we have what we may call the desire for reputation or prestige (defining it as respect or esteem from other people), recognition, attention, importance or appreciation.”

After much original research, it was clear to Maslow that satisfying the esteem needs leads to self-confidence, usefulness, and worth; and, in turn, ignoring these needs produces a sense of weakness and inferiority.

There is a caveat here to remember: to enjoy the respect and appreciation of others is no vice; to evaluate your worth by those same external reactions is the trap.

Art is forensic evidence of the transcendent, the metaphysical, the spirit in the physical world.

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