Wednesday Dec 05, 2007

Art Critic

Last night I listened to an art critic. He was passionate and well-spoken. He also missed the point about art.

He spoke of many things. When he told us that art’s purpose is to raise our consciousness, I had another thought.

First, it’s no one’s business what art does for the individual. The aesthetic experience is personal. Then, even if we were to accept the critic’s idea about art’s purpose, it would be that art has the power to raise awareness. Consciousness is already perfect, and requires no help from us.

Take this at face value. Test it out yourself and report back.

I never thought about consciousness in this particular way. I’ll bring this topic up with my friends and see what happens.

I do totally agree about the aesthetic experience.

Posted by Soho Art Chick on 12/07 at 09:54 PM.

Yes. ‘Higher’ consciousness is a misstep. When we are clear about things, the right questions show up.

Posted by Eden on 12/08 at 11:51 AM.

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