Monday Aug 01, 2005

Art as Innovation

Making art that no one wants to acquire, let alone understand is the duality each original artist must confront—for himself. The art viewer already has a hard time comprehending the arts. But acquiescing your power to the critics is no great honor.

In the art business, there is the insatiable quest for the next big thing, the next ism, the next school, the next movement—where dealers and buyers can presumably get in on the ground floor—this is, of course, about money, not art appreciation of the avant garde.

It is not surprising then that much art of our times is diluted with self-referential work of a type that desires—even in earnest—to conceptualize, approximate, and produce itself as self-indulgent banal art that elevates no one. 

Innovation is organic and evolutionary. You cannot force originality—or its appreciation—as if you were baking bread, and even dough needs the proper time to rise.

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