Wednesday Oct 29, 2003

Art and Caffeine

I went to Starbucks for one of my cappuccino breaks the other day. The espresso machine had broken. Okay, I thought, I’ll sit down and work a bit on one of my color pencil pieces. One of the Baristas told me the caffeine machine repairman was on the way.

As I was drawing, one of the coffee house regulars came over to me.

“You’re addicted to art,” he said. “Why don’t you put it down and come talk with us.”

I smiled. “I can draw while having a conversation. You see me do it here all the time.”

He laughed.

“You could say that I was addicted, and I would call it a positive addition,” I said.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, “a positive addiction.”

“But I wouldn’t call it an addiction. That implies someone who is out of control. I create art because I love to. It’s my passion and not an obsession. It’s important to know why you are doing anything.”

The espresso machine repairman showed up, but it would be some time before we would see steam.

I left and would return another day. I’m not addicted to caffeine either.»

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