Friday Jul 04, 2008

Art and Babies

My mother, Adele, would often come up with spontaneous insights.

While I was writing An Artist Empowered, my mother turned to me one afternoon and said: “Giving up on your art is like giving up on your baby.”

“Beautiful,” I said, giving her a kiss on both cheeks.

This profound thought immediately made it into my book. If you have been floundering about your art, keep Adele’s words close to your heart, and you will persevere.

A happy July 4th to all—my mother loved this country: she appreciated its freedoms and was wary of its well-fed detractors, something she completely understood and appreciated after having survived the Nazis and the Stalinists.


Dear Eden,
My mother Dorothy and I have been reading your blogs.  You only wrote the latest blog less than an hr.ago.  We were out together, when my mother mentioned that she was looking forward to reading your updates. We enjoy sitting together and I read your beautiful words out loud to her. It is so true that when the student is ready, the artist appears.  My mother and I teach each other while we enjoy our time together. I know that was so true for you and Adele. She possessed that special ingredient of intuition that I believe my mother also posseses.  I can only smile when I think that in God’s plan he allowed Dorothy to move downstairs from Adele and in their own time they were healing
for each other in this life and the next.

I just received a call from my friend Linda, an artist in the true sense of her being.  I have been doing process painting with her and find such a sense of peace and energy at the same time. She too is reading your blogs and loving your paintings.

I look forward to your writings. They flow so easily into my soul and I welcome this path.


Posted by Susan Lettieri on 07/04 at 12:10 PM from Fair Lawn NJ.

I too have been reading your posts about your mom.

I had always wished for such a relationship with my own mother, but that was not to be—she could never understand my need to be an artist.

You are very lucky, but you already know this.

Posted by soho art chick on 07/04 at 04:25 PM from soho and noho.

sorry, too tired to comment, just hello. 

just got off work, so very, very spent.

fyi max, i now have you here on rss feed so you wont be lost.  you are magnificient. 

warmest, dk
the brother of your sisters husband!

Posted by David K, Seattle on 07/06 at 12:10 AM from Seattle.

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