Saturday Aug 13, 2005

Are You Talking to Me?

How to respond positively to negativity regarding your art is perhaps the most essential key to maintaining your dignity and sanity.

Proper responses to specific situations are a matter of discretion that can only be learned from firsthand experience. Anyone can be bold until the moment of confrontation arrives.

The quality of how you handle yourself in any situation is a function of character, not a result of memorizing a canned rejoinder. Brevity is still the soul of wit, which is the expressed confidence of self-esteem.

As it turns out, the most effective response in nearly every situation where your work is not wanted is this: disengage graciously from the rejecting party. Although not to parry when your blood is on fire may seem weak, it is a sign of inner strength, a wondrous by-product of self-discipline. 

And, after all, what is there to say? Really?»

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Posted by curtboris on 02/17 at 11:20 PM.

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