Thursday Nov 17, 2011

Aldo, the Teacher

aldo the parakeet
Aldo Liberated

Here’s something I had to see to believe.

I’ve written about Sweetie Boy’s passing in the previous post. I knew I’d miss him, but didn’t realize how much.

Those reading my blog posts may be aware that I also have a rescued parakeet, Aldo. You can read more about this remarkable bird by typing ‘Aldo’ in the search field on the right and down below.

Sweetie Boy and Aldo have been next to each for the past year in their separate cages. They would often chirp back and forth, and it seemed that they might be speaking with one another.

I had some success in hand training Aldo who would perch on my finger for his treat inside his cage. But, he wouldn’t come out of his cage, despite any enticements. He felt quite content and safe inside his aviary-like birdcage.

The next day in the evening after Sweetie Boy had died, Aldo came to one of the cage doors and began chirping. I opened the door, and to my amazement, he hopped out, went over to Sweetie Boy’s cage, looked here and there, and began making mournful peeps, as if trying to call him out.

It was clear that Aldo was aware that Sweetie Boy was no longer present. I was humbled by Aldo’s compassionate behavior.

I sat on the floor with Aldo’s millet treat. He looked down and flew onto my hand for a nibble. So, there we were—Aldo no longer cage bound and both of us missing Sweetie Boy.

P.S. The doggie in the picture is Larry, my beloved Yorkie who is missed each day.

Here is where prose transcends into poetry.

Your love and keen observation of other creatures should be a national mantra.

Posted by poetdiva13 on 11/20 at 01:20 PM from Chicago.

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