Friday Jul 08, 2005

A New Paradigm

The artist in the 21st Century:

Artists need a new paradigm that defines success. The image of the damaged and destitute creator who is alienated from society is more than passé. It is dead.

So, let’s bury it, release it, and move on.

Although he still proceeds at his own risk, the artist of the new millennium possesses an overall confidence supported by attributes, or qualities that define his character.

This indomitable and inner security is the direct result of the artist’s dedication, heightened sense of awareness, and self-acceptance of his work—he has faced himself naked, without the false masks of personality; he knows why he is an artist and the intrinsic value of his art; and he allows no outside authority, whether receptive to his work or not, to validate his dharma, his purpose in life.

This artist knows he is on sacred ground because he knows where he stands.

He is a creator; let posterity work out the details.» 

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