Monday Dec 08, 2008

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From An Artist Empowered:

I write about firsthand experience; secondhand knowledge is what it sounds like. I wouldn’t ask of you what I haven’t done. This approach fosters an effective and enduring medium of communion—also known as trust.

Artists who have maintained unsatisfying beliefs, spurious understandings, and questionable commitments, the time and means for confronting your old decisions has arrived as challenges in this book.

The intrinsic nature of honestly facing your past assessments and heady rationalizations will begin to free your mind and your self of those things that dont serve you. I have, I do, I will always.

Rejection of your art can hurt because love is involved.

You love your art and when it is spurned, you feel passion rebuffed. When you learn how to view such rejection in the framework of non-attachment, when you are no longer a slave to a particular outcome, you have begun to liberate your own self on the journey toward becoming the self-sufficient artist you always knew you were.

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