Sunday Aug 03, 2003


In the beginning, I thought I heard the muse calling to me, beckoning me to write, enticing me to live a life that went beyond the suits and boots existence of business and going to brunch on weekends.

After many years of heeding a voice only I could hear, I ultimately realized that the muse, that goddess who encouraged me to swim upstream against the torrent of tradition and dogma, was not a construct of Greek mythology but my intuition—a faculty that has an assortment of definitions. Among other interpretations, intuition is the divine speaking directly to you, which I know to be so.

Still, this definition of intuition in all its clarity remains abstract until you hear and feel the voice of intuition for your own self. After that, there is no need to define it further because you have struck bedrock in the ways and means department of epistemology.

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