Thursday Oct 13, 2005

A Metaphysical Writ

The Law of Non-Attachment

In simplest terms, this law means that you do not confine yourself to any specific outcome. You free yourself to all opportunity.

Now, if you insist on rigidly attaching yourself to a particular outcome, you become a barnacle hitching a ride to wherever the driver is going.

With no direction of your own, you are a slave of your attachment; you are a coconspirator in your own undoing.

For most of us in the West where consumerism, materialism, pop culture adoration, neurosis of the next big thing, and movie star idolatry are fixtures on the totem pole of conspicuous consumption, adhering to the Law of Non-Attachment does not feel natural; it is neither effortless, nor is its impact immediately evident.

No one who knows what they are talking about ever said it was easy. And what choice do you have?» 

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