Wednesday Apr 23, 2008

A Core Question

Years ago in a cafe near the beach in Santa Monica, California, the Zen master asked me: “Why do you want to be artist?”

As I’ve said before, this is the question. Have you answered this core question to your own satisfaction?

If not, you might as well be a doctor, carpenter, or a plumber—professions that society values.

I did answer the master and without hesitation. What would your answer have been?

I’ve been thinking about this question.

Is there a right answer?

Posted by Jon on 04/24 at 09:57 PM.

Yes, there is a right answer, which you will find if that is your mission.

Posted by Eden on 04/25 at 09:16 AM.

Well, I want to be an artist and a writer because when I look out into the vastness of the rest of my life (assuming it is vast, that is) and I try to imagine that path without writing or art, I can more easily imagine my life without a limb.  Honestly, what else could I do?  How could I stop?  It’s either create or go mad as far as I can tell.

Thanks for the question and for your comment.

Posted by Marta on 04/30 at 09:22 PM from on my sofa in texas.

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