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Wednesday Sep 09, 2009

Being Had

Today’s date of many “9’s” might make for numerological prognostications and speculation; better to see it for what it is—another opportunity to be grateful for this day.

Idioms and their ilk are all too often repeated without mindfulness. I love her to death. I’d give my right arm for this or that. I’m dying to have one. Do you hear the absence of mindfulness?

Another phrase you often hear comes from guests (from Army Rangers to authors to politicians) on radio talk shows. Thanks for having me, says the guest to the host. Really?

Being had implies sexual conquest or plain out being cheated, as in fraud. Better to say, thanks for having me on your show, which is a bit clearer. Or better yet, a simple thank you or it’s a pleasure to be here with you, or some other comment that reflects your mindfulness.

Why are these common rote expressions important? If you repeat and parrot the words of others, how can you expect to be original—in any art form?