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Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

Behind Door Number One

The decisions you make about what you will do with your life are influenced from the moment of birth. Choosing a mission that is your livelihood based on aptitude tests, or sincere advice can’t reveal your dharma.

Taking whatever comes along is what it sounds like. Rolling with the wind, however, is organic for the tumbleweed, and even then this wandering plant is scattering its seeds. Harnessing the wind is superior to casting your fate to it. Decisions to be this or that in life are most often externally biased.

Those who choose a life in the arts for the wrong reason may be as unsatisfied as a plumber who knew in his soul that he should have been a poet. Think about it. There are far easier ways than art to pay the rent and make your fortune.

Who would willingly choose a life of hardship, rejection, and swimming against the current values of the mainstream?