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Wednesday Feb 22, 2012

Aspiring Artists Defined

miss neptune's reverie
Miss Neptune’s Reverie

As rewarding as it might seem to have praise and recognition from others, an artist must first know the value of her art. Everything else then is gravy.

The phrase ‘aspiring artist’ often pops up like a weed chocking off all the nearby plants. But what does this mean? There is no such thing as an aspiring artist because he is or is not an artist. You know what I’m saying if you feel it in your soul, in your bones.

Why is this clarification necessary? Aspiring means to one day become, which most often refers to public recognition and marketing. I don’t rely on the entrenched and incestuous art establishment to validate me; if they do, great. If not, I have already validated myself. Get my book, An Artist Empowered, and expand your awareness.

You have to prove your dedication over time, but this is not aspiring to be. This is your contract with the Great Creator—the source of your gift.

Are you still aspiring, or not?