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Thursday May 19, 2011


Beach Villa

From An Artist Empowered:

Nothing—except you—can prevent you from living an authentic life.

If your desire to create is fueled on less than a fire in the belly, then fully realize your situation: to be self-aware is the goal.

To live your dream, you must wake up and remain awake. The artist’s life isn’t for everyone. You must decide if this observation is relevant for your situation. To maneuver the rugged terrain while avoiding the pitfalls as one ascends the mountain is a required skill that comes with its share of bruises.

After all, you wouldn’t plan on climbing Mount Everest without training, the proper equipment, a seasoned guide, and a party of fellow mountaineers who shared your vision. The quest for art demands no less . . .

The next time you are fortunate enough to catch yourself grumbling about your art life—stop thinking. Grab hold of this moment of disenchantment; it is an opportunity to feel the truth of your fears, doubts, motivations, and the value of your art. Step up and confront your complaints and self-inflicted woes; if you want depth, you must dig deep.

Use disappointment, including rejection to affirm your purpose and to develop your strength of character; this is the object lesson.