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Monday Jun 01, 2009

Art for Art’s Sake: Redux

Art for art’s sake:

You may have come across this often touted rally cry, which might have seemed an unadulterated endorsement for acts of detachment and worse yet—hubris. After all, doesn’t art need a purpose? To save the planet, the economy, protect civil liberties, to enlighten, and—name your cause.

Making art for a purpose has it’s place. Making art from the unconscious, where the art itself is the subject matter, for no other purpose than to channel the spirit of art, is a bold act of faith, creation, humility, and deep introspection.

Art for art’s sake contains the answers for all our (as a species) petty issues, ignorance, sustainability, and mindlessness. Investigate the truth of this and you will be elevated by your new found understanding—and, as we have come to learn, understanding is the goal.

Remember, when it comes to art, comparisons are a trap.