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Sunday Oct 25, 2009

Art & Cotton Candy

Pablo Picasso was born this day in 1881 in Spain, the same year Pinocchio came into being.

The question invariably arises: What is art? If eight people think it’s art, and three don’t, then what is it? Is it art by consensus?

The fact that art is a heated topic is already a clue to its true nature. Keep in mind that all opinions are not equal. Art is not the rearrangement of things that already exist. The timeless power of art is in the unique, not the familiar. 

Art is made by its creator; art is not haphazard. It all comes down to a simple yet involving task: you must use whatever time and energy is required to understand the difference between art that elevates your existence from cotton candy.

The only thing worse than having experts evaluate art is the public doing the same thing. It is the tyranny of the few and the tyranny of the masses.

Art is experienced an individual at a time.