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Thursday Feb 04, 2010

Acquire the Living

The other day, Walking Man 1, a 6-foot tall bronze by Alberto Giacometti sold at auction for a record-breaking $104.3 million to an undisclosed buyer. Pablo Picasso’s Boy With a Pipe held the previous record of $104.1 million set in 2004.

Of course, in these very high-end cases, the buyers are acquiring artworks that come with a provenance (ownership and history of the work) and the cachet of the artist. The value of these works has escalated due to demand and perceived value—not necessarily based on intrinsic value.

Which brings me to my point.

Where does the art come from? Each story is unique. I’ve written a bio in broad brushstrokes that includes situations that I’m writing about in a bit more detail for the first time. You can read about my journey in About Eden—the link is in the upper right sidebar.

My advice to art lovers still stands: acquire the art of living artists; the departed no longer require your financial support.