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Friday Aug 22, 2014

The Man with the Dog Continues

man with dog book cover
Book Cover

My short story The Man with Dog has been chosen as an editor’s pick.

Here are the first 10 chapter (30 in all) of The Man with the Dog. If you like what you’ve read so far, give me your vote. Thanks and enjoy!

Click on the link: Man with the Dog

Wednesday Apr 21, 2010

Adele Darling

Gypsy in my Mother’s Soul

Adele, my mother, was a poet at heart.

She’s been gone nearly two years now, and she is never far from my heart and mind.

Janet Riehl, the gracious tour de force behind Riehl Life: Village Wisdom for the 21st Century, a social and cultural mecca, is featuring one of my mother’s poems on her website today.

You can read Adele’s poem here.

Sunday Feb 07, 2010

Read the Label

Here’s an excerpt from An Artist Empowered that clarifies terminology I use in the book and on this blog.

I also frequently cite the terms dharma, self, soul, and, as mentioned earlier, the true artist. In the context of this book, dharma is your purpose in life; self is the transcendental essence that is you; not the finite ego self, but the unadulterated self that, by being in direct contact with creation, is the communicator of infinite power and great art; soul is the bearer of intuition, which is the Creator speaking directly to you; and the true artist defies dogma, custom, and social pressure by creating for no other purpose than to create—and should the work edify or entertain, then so be it.

Art and everyday existence are inseparable to the true artist.

Friday Jan 15, 2010

Sincerely Yours

From An Artist Empowered:

When I decided to write a book about kites in 1986, several authorities in the field and a half dozen literary agents told me that I was wasting my time.

I was informed that everything important about the subject had already been covered, the market was too small, and no mainstream publisher would be interested. After listening to this consensus concerto of advice, I felt opportunity calling and went with my intuition—which is the soul singing the divine song of the Creator.

I did find a mainstream publisher.

Nearly two decades later, my book continues to sell both here and abroad, and a new, updated edition was published in 1998. What did I learn? The experts, who may even have been earnest with their doomsday advice, couldn’t grasp the vision I had.

Don’t be deceived: sincerity is often totally wrong.

Saturday Jul 04, 2009

We the People Redux

Here’s a repost from 2004 worth noting and comprehending. We are still the People.

In the Declaration of Independence, we read: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The ink that would soon turn blood red and now flowed black from Thomas Jefferson’s pen did not write: We hope these truths are obvious.

To its credit, there is not a single utterance of hope or any other passive word in this magical document that the Founding Fathers bestowed upon posterity.

Remember what the master from India said: “It is better to live in fulfillment than in hope.”

The Founding Fathers agreed.