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Saturday Oct 10, 2009

Hold Your Tongue

In recent times, how often have you heard (or uttered) this virulent query: How’s that workin’ out for ya?

Of course, mindlessly repeating often used phrases may keep you connected to your group, or gang, or generation ‘whatever’; doing so, however, is not the path to original work.

Suggestion: the next time you catch yourself about to enter the land of cliches—stop. Reconsider and articulate in your own words. If none come, then this is your wake up call. You have been absorbed. Fortunately, knowing that this situation exists is also the catalyst for extricating yourself from the morass of mass social conditioning.

Thursday Jul 30, 2009

Global Positioning System

The other day I saw an ad for a spiffy GPS that helped you navigate to your intended destination. One of the points made in the ad was this: studies showed that you are more likely to go somewhere new if you already know how to get there.

Knowing the route to your destination is helpful. But when I speak of dharma—the destination of your work, your mission on earth, then that is another matter entirely. There are no road maps for this adventure; you must take the plunge and discover your path on your own.

Risky? Maybe. But what choice do you have?

Not knowing is the mystery, and the mystery leads to original work.

Saturday Jul 25, 2009

Well Adjusted Debacle

The other day I saw a bumper sticker: it read (to paraphrase): what’s the point of being well-adjusted within a society that is mentally disturbed?

If you go along with the crowd, you cannot create original work, you cannot muster original thinking, you cannot evolve. To lead takes stamina, conviction, and purpose beyond the mundane.

Have you ever had an original thought, insight, or an epiphany? Original means something unencumbered by what preceded it; original is not a conclusion, but a revelation that takes off in a new direction.

Go on. Poke yourself into the demanding questions of your life; the alternative is unacceptable.


Wednesday Apr 08, 2009

Past is Prologue

In retrospect from one possible future. On this far flung day, many celebrated the birth of the Buddha—the same day Picasso died.

There were many questions about the past.

Why were they preoccupied with lifestyle and the mindless cult of celebrity? Why were they fearful instead of bold, unwilling to meet their fate in the name of right action? Why did they pollute mother earth with abandon for shortsighted profit and meaningless progress? Why didn’t they see that they were not at the top of the food chain? Why was ROI not seen in terms of the new generation? Why did they procreate like a virus?

Why did they place art and entertainment on the same page?

For those to come who inherent the earth, there will be many more questions about those who were not good shepherds. Sheep can be as dangerous as tyrants. As the true artist understands in the present moment: you are on sacred ground when you know where you stand.

Give posterity a chance to flower by being original, by being aware, by seeing through the enticing veils of illusion, of social conditioning.


Sunday Feb 08, 2009

The Snooze Button

Before launching into a career, it is astute to find your dharma first, and then go on from there.

This approach is contrary to what most of us have grown up with, where you decide your occupation based on various factors, such as status, security, aptitude tests, and society’s demands—none having to do with dharma.

When I was in high school and college, I remember a slogan that was hyped on TV and billboards: ‘If you want a good job, get a good education.’ Although this self-fulfilling prophecy seemed well advised and harmless at worst, it was, in retrospect, insidious propaganda, and especially misleading for the artist who must educate herself.