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Thursday Aug 22, 2013

Perilous Views

self portrait
Self Portrait

—from An Artist Empowered:

You might have noticed that the assignment didn’t include these annoying verbal ticks: ‘um’, ‘eh’, ‘like’, and ‘ya know’.

The reason for this is that editing out the hardwired reflex words in the Gauntlet challenge will spontaneously and organically begin to eliminate other ticks. If you are an abuser of ‘obvious’, then I urge you to drop this dangerous word from your vocabulary.

The true artist once informed knows that no thing is obvious—if it were, wouldn’t you have already been acclaimed for your genius? Keep a sharp ear and hear how many otherwise intelligent people use ‘obvious’, a reflex, holier than thou word meaning that everyone would come to the same conclusion—which is a perilous view apparently overlooked by so many.

How insidious covert coercion can be as it attempts to manipulate our lives as artists, especially when dealing with rejection or acceptance.

If you control your language, you will define and give meaning to a reality of value where you have authority.

Monday Apr 15, 2013

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Public Beta Now Available

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Public Beta Now Available

Adobe today announced the availability of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 beta for Windows and Mac. Adobe Lightroom is the essential photography workflow application allowing photography enthusiasts and professionals to enhance, organize and share photos. The Lightroom 5 beta offers a free, public preview of new features and tools that will be offered in the final release, expected later this year.

“Lightroom is the essential tool for busy professional and discerning amateur photographers, who are uncompromising in the pursuit for image quality or searching for artistic expression, “ said Winston Hendrickson, vice president of digital imaging products, Adobe. “The Lightroom 5 beta is highly valuable in ensuring the new features support and address the needs of our customers and we look forward to hearing feedback.”

Lightroom 5 beta offers photographers and enthusiasts many new features including:
·      Advanced Healing Brush allows customers to heal imperfections and remove distracting elements
·      Upright tool analyzes an image to automatically level horizons and straighten objects like buildings to correct a keystone effect
·      Radial Gradient tool creates off-center or multiple vignette effects
·      Smart Previews allow customers to edit images without needing the original raw file
·      Video slideshow enables customers to combine still images, video clips and music in a creative HD slideshow
·      Upgrades to the Book module enhancing the ability to create, customize and order elegant photo books using a variety of tailored templates

Lightroom 5 beta marks the fifth consecutive version Adobe has offered the software for public preview and testing prior to the final release. Adobe encourages customers to provide comments through its community forums on both new and legacy features. Feedback offered may be integrated into updates added before the final version of the software is released.

Pricing and Availability
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 beta is available immediately as a free download on both Windows and Mac at Customers can submit feedback on the community powered feedback site: Customers can also connect with the Lightroom team directly on Facebook (, via Twitter ( or on the Adobe Lightroom blog ( For Lightroom how-to videos, visit

Sunday Mar 17, 2013

Disappoint me Not

inner being
Inner Being

Here’s a repost from 2011:

By midday in Santa Fe, things as nuisances, and some more serious, had already invaded my time and energy.

My haircut was long overdue. My cutter told me she’d be with other clients for at least an hour. I’d come back.

As I now had some time, I thought I’d try Java Joe’s, which was in the huge shopping center. Could they make a cappuccino the way I like it? The steamed milk must settle so it is creamy, not full of foam-like bubbles. This simple instruction eludes many a barista.

As I was entering the cafe, two men were leaving. One man turned to the other: “I can’t believe it—it’s been one thing after another. These problems are getting me down.”

There it was again. Another reminder to see beyond my own limited drama, to perceive events through awareness, not fearful ego.

Recall my object lesson: instead of being disappointed, say that’s revealing and lift yourself beyond the fray. When the problem seems overwhelming, remember that the problem is the teacher. The lesson is there; it is up to you to grasp it, as it is in the Zen tradition of learning.

With these perceptions you will triumph with gratitude, leaving any notion of victimhood in the dreary dust.

Java Joe’s passed the steamed milk test.

Sunday Jan 20, 2013

Creative Amnesia


Here’s a challenge worth taking.

You’ve mastered a way to do your art. You find yourself sailing and tacking beautifully into the wind.

This is good time to forget how you make art. Begin again without being so adept. This will take you to your next level of creation.

See you there.

Sunday Nov 04, 2012

No Guilt Art


I’m often asked this when I’m not painting. Don’t you feel guilty for ignoring your art?

My reply is this: Everything I do is my art, from taking care of my rescued parakeet, to pulling weeds, to cleaning, to writing.

Nothing exists without being tested. For the past two months I’ve returned to a novel that takes place in an alternate universe. I began the story five years ago. I’ve been working on my book each day with no guilt about not painting. My writing comes from the same magical source as my paintings.

This is art without neurosis. This is freedom.

Remember, the true artist has no medium.