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Sunday Nov 18, 2018

Mission Possible

Finding Jordan

From my groundbreaking book, An Artist Empowered:

One of my preeminent and recurring realizations is this: that annoying self-defeating voice inside my head, the inner critic, is no stranger. I am talking to myself as you are talking to yourself.

Until you witness and diffuse this demonic-prone aspect of the psyche—ego—you are prey to the fear and doubt that it feeds upon. Aware of this codependent relationship, you confront and then extrapolate to understand a fundamental dynamic: if I were to allow rejection (or even something truly serious) to defeat me, then I have lost faith in my mission.

When the mission is clear, there is no ambiguity. Failure is when I abandon my gift. In turn, rejection exacts a degree of impact proportionate to the artist’s lack of purpose.

Rejection is a word, a reaction to action, not an eternal truth, or a life sentence.