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Wednesday Jan 01, 2003

Don’t forget to Breathe

Here is a beautiful thought to begin your new year.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

—Anais Nin

Sunday Dec 15, 2002

Universe Within

“At the age of thirty-two, I decided I was either going to commit suicide or discover what a penniless human could do on behalf of humanity. I decided on the latter and realized that human beings were introduced into Universe for an important reason. They’re like bees, you see, bees who go out and get honey without realizing they’re also performing cross-pollination. I realized that we are only throwaway, that we’ve never designed anything, that Universe exhibits a mathematical orderliness which naturally implies a greater intellect at work, and that we are part of that design. Then I made a commitment never to use this knowledge for personal gain or political power. My life has been, as a result, one miracle after another.”

—R. Buckminster Fuller

Note: I cropped the image of Fuller from a fine book called Photoshop 5.5 Artistry by Barry Haynes and Wendy Crumpler, New Riders Publishing.

Friday Dec 06, 2002

Moonchild in Hollywood

Why don’t I write “the” Universe?

In Buckminster Fuller’s world vocabulary, it was Universe, not “the” Universe; there was no need for using the definite article “the” before Universe—the word that described it all. He approached Universe with humility. After all, we don’t say we’re going to explore “the” nature. Bucky had a marvelous insight here and I pass it on to anyone who wants to the adopt the concept. You cannot go wrong if you do.

I was living in the Hollywood Hills some years ago when a friend told me about an exhibit at a local gallery that featured the work of a young girl, a prodigy of ten or eleven years old, who painted with a maturity well beyond her years or discernable experience.

I went to see the exhibit one afternoon.


Monday Nov 11, 2002

Mother Earth

When you see someone littering, what goes through your thoughts?



Saturday Nov 09, 2002

Miracles Come Before Faith

If you believe in God, the Creator, because someone else tells you to, then you are doing so out of dogma and doing your self a cosmic injustice.

The common perception is that one must have faith, that faith comes first without the need for proof.

This logic is backwards. I can’t prove it you, you must prove it to your self.

Once you experience a miracle, then the odyssey of faith first begins.