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Monday Jun 08, 2015

Do Not Prejudge

moon series invitation
Moon Series Invitation

One afternoon, I walked into a gallery in West Hollywood to see the work of another artist. After a bit of time the gallery owner looked at a few of my smaller ink pieces that I had with me. He immediately offered me a solo show.

The gallery owner wrote the following blurb that appeared on the other side of the invitation:

“Eden Maxwell’s work is a pure celebration of spontaneous creation and the marvelous potential for expression within us all.

“In Eden’s work, a single viewing is just the beginning. Over time and at different distances and angles, his artwork grows increasingly intriguing and satisfying as more complex shapes and subtle forms integrate into a seamless panorama of the humor and drama of life—an act of artistic alchemy that cannot be planned or duplicated.”

Opportunity can appear anywhere.

Saturday Apr 04, 2015

The Apple Core

native american
Native American

As a seasoned poker player will tell you: know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.

If you don’t posses a natural immunity to a disabling disorder, then the remedy resides in building up resistance under controlled exposure—an inoculation. Consequently, the most direct way to get around rejection is to go through it with a positive mindset along the way.

Let’s be clear, thinking positive thoughts is admirable, but it is a temporary bandage at best if you are secretly harboring doubt and fear in lieu of awareness.

What is the point of polishing an apple that is rotting from the inside out?

Thursday Feb 26, 2015

America Doublespeak

george orwell
George Orwell

Artists who want nothing to do with politics will be among the first to be either censored or executed by a tyrannical regime.

Beware the Ides of March:

When I first read Orwell’s 1984 vision of a dystopian future where the sociopathic socialists ruled through a constant and fabricated state of war, I thought it could happen here at any moment. Most at the time did not agree with me, saying that it’s paranoia.

In Orwell’s prescient mind the government ruled the brainwashed citizens by controlling the media, doublespeak, up was down and good was bad, and where the Ministry of Love dispensed fear, torture, and death. And the Obama regime labels illegal immigrants as Americans in waiting.

Do we not have this precisely going on in America today? Can’t say Muslim terrorist and politically correct defaces the language and meaning. Now, Obama and his minions want to control the Internet by way of a corrupt FCC that will forever take away our press and information freedoms with a pen. The leftists lie about their charitable motives.

When the socialist destroyers of ingenuity control the Internet medium they will also control content, which is already happening with a Pravda mainstream press complicit in lying for Obama at each turn.

Other than Impeach Obama now, I don’t know how to stop the assault. I do know that being informed is at least the first step, as the founding fathers had envisioned.

Sunday Nov 02, 2014

Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth

eden maxwell
Eden Maxwell with Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth

Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth by Michael Savage (314 pages, Hardcover Book with notes and bibliography, pub date: 2014)

Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth is an important … no, an essential call to common sense arms if we are to take back our constitutional republic from the leftists who promote victimhood and class warfare; for years these cultural Marxists have been infiltrating our government and educational system with an acolyte ideology and the final recipe for national suicide called political correctness.

Remember, a government by the people? What happened to that concept? Savage wants to know, don’t you? To the misguided leftists who would control you while redistributing your hard earned money, big government is the answer to everything; to patriotic Americans on the right, big government is the problem.


To more fully appreciate Stop the Coming Civil War, it’s important to know a bit about the author.


Friday Oct 10, 2014

Hope is not a Plan

cool cat jazz
Cool Cat Jazz

Maybe it’s a novel, nonfiction, or a movie, as the story develops toward the end, someone says: “You know what’s important in the long run? I’ll tell you, it’s hope.”

Ouch, it’s like nails scratching along a blackboard. Hope is so ingrained in our language that it’s used mindlessly by nearly everyone. I say mindlessly because hope has no value, and it puts the hope abuser in a state of victimhood. I wish is a close cousin to I hope.

Napoleon Hill also observed the importance of words: Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire that transcends everything.

So, try this on for size and see how powerful you become. Instead of I hope, say I trust.