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Saturday Jun 08, 2013

Road Rage Awareness


Yesterday, I’m driving down that long stretch through the desert known at the Turquoise Highway. I’m off for my weekly trek into Santa Fe. Traffic is light and anyone in a rush to break the speed limit could pass another car.

Further along now as the southern end of Santa Fe is coming up, there’s a police car passing me on my right. Then, I hear a horn blaring. What’s this?

I again look to my right. There’s a man with screwed up face in a car giving me the finger before taking an immediate turn off and then disappears.

I take the scene in. I don’t know what that was all about. This is the moment of awareness. Am I going to become reactionary, or non-attached and smart? Do I want someone else to be in control of my emotions? Let’s not forget that there is also emotional intelligence.

By the time I reach Santa Fe, the incident had been laughed off. I did feel good about myself.